Copy of Bespoke Jewellery

 Here are examples of our work which is continually expanded by our customers own imaginations & demands.
Our Computer Aided Design (CAD) provides you the opportunity to create your own customisation, our expertise of jewellery identification service provides one-to-one consultation to take you through each step of jewellery identification & valuation process before we dismantle your sentimental treasures for remodelling, and if desire, we will incorporate some original features into the new creation.

We'd like to take you through the step by step process for creating your own personal, unique item.
The first step is a one-to-one consultation where we will create a hand-drawn sketch of your item. We will discuss with you the structural and finer elements that will go into the crafting of your design.

After we have discussed the design that you wish to have created, we will use software to render a 3D model of your item. The model will detail the exact measurements that our specialist workshops will use to create your item. Before the design is sent to the workshop, we will contact you and show you the rendered product and make final adjustments before sending the design off for crafting.
Once the item comes back from the workshop, we will polish it to a brilliant shine and present to you in a beautiful box.
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